Security Consulting, Auditing & Penetration Testing

Detack GmbH specializes in providing coverage in all aspects of IT security auditing – from basic penetration testing to advanced application layer auditing and up to organizational level – IT security policy assessments, security guidelines evaluation and management consulting. The service is customizable to fit the particular needs of the client.

In order to provide the best quality of service, the auditors perform vulnerability detection and research manually, thus ensuring full understanding and evaluation of security implications, and preventing any damage caused by automatic testing tools. Adding human creativity and reasoning to the testing procedures recreates real-world scenarios and guarantees a complete assessment.

The auditing services provided by Detack GmbH are modularly structured, depending on target type, complexity, perspective and layer, drawing on the previous experiences and scenarios already tested. For each client, Detack finely tunes and prepares customized auditing packages determined by the particular perspective and targets intended for analysis. As such, for specialized auditing, modules are combined and extended for the best coverage.

The IT security services provided by Detack cover various domains, such as:

Product Security Assessment

Detack has more than 18 years of experience in identification of product specific security flaws, development mistakes, design errors, as well as backdoors in computer hardware and software. Covering both vendor solutions and custom or self-developed applications, this is the professional service most sought-after by Detack’s customers.

Security Product Development

Based on the experience and know-how accumulated through auditing and consulting projects, Detack provides development of custom, environment or application specific security solutions, covering a wide range, from retail banking to IoT environments and IT security automation solutions.

Incident Response

By assisting customers to react to attacks, contain IT security incidents, take immediate recovery measures, and follow up with technical investigations, Detack enables customers to minimize the impact of IT security incidents, take legal action, and understand and prevent such events from occurring again.


Finding intentional or unintentional IT security-related issues that enable the extraction or leakage of personal or corporate information, with a strong focus of IoT, mobile communications / smart phones, automotive, and telematics industries.

Specific Areas of Expertise


Detack covers all requirements of an IT security audit – from general penetration tests to in-depth analysis of the application layer and the organizational layer. These services are accompanied by the evaluation of the IT security policy and security guidelines as well as management consulting.

Besides the common range of professional IT security audit and consulting services, Detack is the accepted partner for specific, highly sensitive or difficult to address domains.


Detack is the leading German supplier of professional security audits, consulting, and penetration testing for IBM mainframe and midrange systems, counting some of the largest installations amongst its reference customers.


Having developed specialized knowledge in niche areas such as embedded electronics, mission critical systems and complex automation / industrial systems, Detack provides complete IT security services in testing, consulting and development in the IoT area, ranging from mobile communications, telematics, to large industrial installations, avionics, telecom operators, critical infrastructure, to big data and distributed management networks.


Endorsed and certified by ATMIA (ATM Industry Association), Detack is the leading supplier of professional IT security services for retail banking, core banking, online banking, cash and payment processing systems. The largest German banks and ATM networks are already clients of Detack for securing their ATM and POS networks.