Passwords: Analytics, Compliance, Enforcement


EPAS is a patented (USPTO 9,292,681 B2, EP2767922) solution developed by Detack GmbH and its Swiss partner Praetors AG. It is an on-premises SaaS solution for enterprise wide, automatic and regular password quality assessment and enforcement for a wide range of systems. EPAS addresses the overwhelming issue of maintaining secure passwords in large, heterogeneous environments containing Microsoft A/D, Linux/UNIX, IBM System z, SAP and more.

EPAS uses a self-developed, patented technology designed for enterprises and public authorities, to extract all relevant password data from a target system, and uses this information to assess the resilience of passwords against attacks. EPAS employs only legitimate cipher text extraction methods and therefore does not cause any system availability risk for the target.

EPAS has been designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. More than 30 different systems and databases, ranging from IBM, SAP, Linux/UNIX, Oracle to Microsoft, are supported. Legally compliant reporting offers all security relevant password data whilst respecting the protection of personal data and satisfying workers councils´ requirements. EPAS is an on-premises SaaS solution and delivered through appliances which are integrated into the client´s data center.

A more in-depth presentation of the EPAS Audit solution can be downloaded as a PDF document here:



The EPAS Enforcer licensed feature systematically prevents the use of weak, reused or shared passwords whenever the password is changed. EPAS Enforcer for A/D integrates as an LSA filter on the Windows Active Directory domain controllers and ensures that passwords meet defined security requirements when set or changed, in line with a centralized policy mandated by the risk category of the information they protect. The new password is tested against the EPAS evaluation criteria and is accepted or rejected, depending on the defined security requirements. This means that formerly permitted passwords like “Password123” or “Secret!” are not accepted any longer by the computer.

If the password change attempt is unsuccessful, an optional feature of the EPAS Enforcer displays the failure reasons (e.g. “Password must not be included in a dictionary.”) to the end user. The security requirements for a password result from the security classification of the data to be protected, based on customer specific measurements.

A more in-depth presentation of the EPAS Enforcer solution can be downloaded as a PDF document here:


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